What is OFLORE Lemonades?

OFLORE Lemonades are the first naturally sparkling lemonades in Quebec.

We ferment them with wild yeasts to :

  • reduce sugar level
  • develop fine, delicate bubbles
  • bring 100% natural flavors

OFLORE Lemonades is not...

Although they are fermented, OFLORE Lemonades are neither kefir, nor kombucha, nor Ginger beer.

They belong to another family of so-called wild, spontaneous or natural fermentation .

Unique flavors

Inspired by fermented drinks from several regions of the world, OFLORE Lemonades are similar to flower champagnes.

In addition to lemony and floral flavors, subtle fruity notes appear with fermentation.

LEMON: notes of green apple

HIBISCUS: notes of pomegranate and morello cherry

LAVENDER: pear notes

ELDERFLOWER: lychee notes

ROSE: grapefruit notes

VERBENA: notes of mint and candied apple

100% natural

OFLORE Lemonades are made with cold-pressed organic lemon juice and organic plant infusions.

Having no preservative, OFLORE Lemonades are alive and continue to improve over time.

The more they mature, the more the bubble intensifies, the sugar decreases and new esters (flavors) develop.

To top it off, OFLORE Lemonades are rich in vitamin C and probiotics, while retaining the properties of each plant infusion.

Brewed in Montreal

OFLORE Lemonades are the result of a love story between a biologist and an ethnologist. It was while looking for a signature drink for their café-restaurant MAISON OFLORE that Oumou and Hugo have developed the subtly sparkling range of OFLORE Lemonades.

Let yourself be surprised by these “Flora Waters” with unparalleled effervescence, without added CO2 !


Offer naturally sparkling lemonades made using an artisanal process unique fermentation which transforms each ingredient into fine bubbles and aromas 100% natural


Bring some sparkle to your life


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